Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Microwave Ovens : Comfort vs. Health & Nutrition - Tips to Healthy Eating Practise

Yes, we all agree that nothing is far easy reachable than microwave as it cooks and reheats or even defrosts instantly but did we realize whether it’s worth it???

Since the microwave is so good at killing bacteria, it becomes obvious that it also will kill anything alive in our food. All those vital enzymes that help us digest our food, all the B, C and E vitamins and most trace minerals are destroyed in the microwaving process. As opposed to traditional means of cooking which heat the food from the outside in, microwave ovens heat from the inside out by hurling out high-frequency alternating power fields which forces the molecules within the food to align themselves with the rapidly alternating electric field and sends the molecules flying back and forth at the dizzying pace of about 5 billion reversals per second. This causes a great deal of intermolecular friction which creates heat to heat the food, but it also destroys the cellular structure of the food, and it can change the chemical composition of the food into something that the body no longer recognizes. And if the food was cooked in a plastic container or with plastic wrap on top, plastic molecules are now imbedded into the food, which creates a whole other disaster for the endocrine system.

So eating microwaved food frequently, is a problem because not only have the micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phyto-nutrients) been destroyed, but also the macro-nutrients (proteins, carbs, fats) have been molecularly damaged rendering it virtually useless to the body. You can even detect the compositional changes yourself. Don't microwaved eggs seem rubbery to you, too?
Physicians tell new mothers never to heat the baby's milk in the microwave, as it denatures the proteins in the milk. If something is not good for baby, surely it is not good for adults either.
More and more evidence is coming to the fore that electromagnetic fields are damaging to human cells, and the higher the frequency the bigger the problem. Food that is nuked at a rate of the typical 2.45 gigahertz frequency in the microwave has been "energized" and the food gives off that energy to the nervous system, which may cause a stress response of high blood pressure, anxiety, headaches, and dizziness. Eating zapped food can cause abnormal changes in the blood and in the immune system. The Russians, who did most of the research on microwaves, found that there were higher incidences of stomach and intestinal cancers, digestive disorders, and higher rates of all cell tumors in those that ate microwaved foods frequently. So, how does one live microwave free? The biggest thing is to get organized and get into the habit of taking out the frozen meat, poultry or fish in the morning, or to buy fresh on the way home. As for cooking, electric grill is a better option, as it cooks really fast because the grill folds like a waffle iron and grills both sides of the meat at once.
It’s time to stop using microwave at workplace or at home. Try taking your lunch in a Corniwingware lunch dish & using a mini oven, if they have one. Or try taking lunch that does not need reheating or re-heat using a gas oven with patience as it retains all nutritients and keeps the food far more tastier.
There was a time (not to long ago) that microwaves were not in every household or not even in existence. We just have to get back to that era!

Always remember one great formula – Health & Nutrition is our greatest wealth plus the food is tastier while using gas or electric oven or electric grill.
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