Saturday, July 26, 2008

Miraculous Cure in Pomegranate fruit - a great, happy, healthy news

Recent research in medical technology proves that pomegranite has great, immensively medical benefits in treating heart related diseases.
Pomegranate clears the blocked arteries thus preventing and reducing the heart attack, heart burn and keeping our heart healthy. Most of the Ayurvedic (life science) medicines use pomegranate as its basic ingredient. It behaves and does the job of a scavanger thus clearing the chlosterol deposited in our arteries thus keeping our heart healthy.
Besides pomegranate has other natual healing benefits which are listed as follows:

  1. Digestive Disorders: The juice of pomegranate has great value in digestive disorders - it binds the stools and tones up the intestine,

  2. Diarrhoea and Dysentry: The chief value of the pomegranate is its astringent properties which causes cells to shrink and is a valuable food for diarrohea and dysentry,

  3. Intestinal Worms: The bark , both of the root and stem of pomegranate destroys the parasitic worms,

  4. Kidney and Bladder Stones: The seeds of sour and sweet pomegranate are useful as a medicine to dissolve gravel in kidneys and bladder,

  5. Teeth and Gum Disease: Powder of the dried rind of pomegranate strengthens the gums, cleans the teeth and preserves them for long time,

  6. Fevers: The juice of the fruit with saffron is useful in fevers and is beneficial in gastric and asthmatic fevers.
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